About Us

Carrigaline Baptist Church was founded in 1987 as a church plant from Cork Baptist Church. Since that time the church has established itself as part of the community of Carrigaline—meeting each Sunday and telling people the good news about Jesus Christ 

As a Baptist church, we are part of an association of baptist churches throughout Ireland and have several sister churches in the Cork area that we work with and fellowship with closely.

We also partner with other churches and organisations in sharing the good news of Jesus in Ireland and further afield including:

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Gospel partner church in Minnesota, USA

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Annual conference to train and encourage preachers in Ireland

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Sharing the gospel with the unreached people of Asia

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Local churches connected for global mission

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Gospel partner church in Liverpool, England

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Training church leadership

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Christian Unions Ireland - Students transformed by the encountering Jesus

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Missionary arm of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland

Sundays: 11 am–12:30 pm

Carrigaline Community Centre

Church Road, Carrigaline

Co. Cork, P43 TK70, Ireland

+353 21 437 3671

Carrigaline Baptist Church is a registered charity.

Our purpose is “Advancing the Christian faith primarily but not exclusively within Carrigaline, Cork and the surrounding neighbourhood

and engaging in social action and such other charitable purposes as shall, in the Trustees’ opinion, further the work of the church.”
Charity Number: 20021276                                                                                                         Charitable Purpose: Advancement of Religion