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Stories through Covid

Lazy or Life? by Joy Campbell

Lockdown reveals my true solitary heart. Lazy!

I don’t need to meet people. I don’t need to include others in my day.

In fact, I don’t need to do anything. Of course I do the essential things and buy in the necessary things, but I don't have to do much else. I can just stay in my PJ’s all day.

In private, I can do what I please. But what pleases me?

Being on my own has revealed that I prefer company, in fact I need company. People motivate me, I don’t motivate myself. On my own I am just lazy! Do I really have to do this today? Can I do that tomorrow?

Lockdown or not, the same challenges face me: Will I read my Bible today or can it wait until tomorrow, as all my plans wait for tomorrow? Including others and the company of others motivates me and encourages me to do what what is right and good - listening to God!

Listening brings Change

During lockdown I have had the option to listen to God's word being taught by gifted teachers at *Munster Bible College. Part of my administrative role is to review these online lectures to make sure the students have clarity. But as I listen to God's word, I learn. My heart changes. My lazy frame of mind is confronted with an awesome God whose plan is to redeem us through Jesus Christ, and whose purpose is to make me more like Christ. As I listen to God's word being taught by others, so my heart is changed.

Every Sunday I also have the option to listen to God’s word being taught and I struggle with my lazy heart. Will I listen with care or will I go and make a coffee?

I really, truly, honestly don’t want to be lazy…but I am.

As I understand my heart, I want more. I know God promises more. Being lazy is a reflection of my love of God’s word. He speaks to me, but will I be bothered to listen? If I do not read, I cannot hear his voice, and then I hear other demanding voices in his place.

Will I stay lazy or will I listen to the conversation that God has started with me…if I will only join in?

Lazy or Bible?

Lazy or Truth?

Lazy or Life?


*Munster Bible College exists: To advance the education, training and personal formation of Christian leaders and church members, mainly in the Munster region of Ireland; To provide accessible courses in biblical & theological studies at undergraduate degree level leading to development of personal competency and character.

To learn more about courses and syllabus

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1 comentário

Ruth E Smyth
Ruth E Smyth
16 de nov. de 2020

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. delighted I found them.

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