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Stories through Covid

Restored & Refreshed by Amy Patterson

I work in Health Care within the community. My role is to care for and support those living at home. When lock down hit my initial thought was, 'What can I do to help?' I wanted to do all that I could, yet at the same time I was conscious that where I went and what I did would have an impact on both my family and my clients. I felt a huge pressure to keep my family safe and my clients safe. It was a lot to carry and I found the daily choices hard to manage.


That first lockdown season went on for so long it became normal for me to fill my time with work. It came to the point where I was just weary and going through the motions. My insecurities and weaknesses where harder to fight and I began to realise how much I needed people around me. I was consciously aware of the need for accountability and fellowship with friends and my Church

I started listening to a devotional audiobook on the Psalms, as in my weariness I just defaulted to watching films to rest. But I needed more, I needed God to restore me after a week of long hours. Listening to the Psalms each day as I drove to and from work was so helpful it really helped me to focus on who God was and I realised how much I had neglected my time with Him.

I spoke to a friend and we decided to do a Bible study together so we could hold each other accountable and pray with one another. This was great as it was so helpful to have regular time in God’s word again and also to have someone who learning the same thing as me.

Since then I have been reading a book called: ‘Relationships a mess worth making’ with someone from Church. It's a joy to share life with one another and to see how we are growing as God challenges and shapes us.


There is true rest and refreshment in the Lord and His word and I’m thankful for all he has been teaching me this year. One of the big things I have learned is the unifying act of prayer. Praying with and for people, even over zoom or the phone, can bring you closer together as a Church and as friends who are rooted in the Lord and his truth’s. It’s a privilege to pray and I’m ever thankful for this gift in a time when we really need to press into the Lord who is in control. Prayer is humbling and comforting.

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